AKKS – The Joint Council of Amateur Arts Associations

AKKS – The Joint Council of Amateur Arts Associations in Denmark – is an umbrella organisation for 15 national and 5 regional organisations in a broad variety of fields of amateur choirs, orchestras, and bands as well as dance, photography, and open education.

The mission of AKKS is to promote amateur arts in a political context as well as in research in order to improve public knowledge of the competences that ordinary people acquire by participating in arts and cultural activities as well as the fact that amateurs arts are integral parts of the arts as such.

AKKS was founded 1967 and reorganised 1998. It has published several books, reports, and statistics on amateur activities within the arts – some in co-operation with the Danish Amateur Theatre Association (DATS) – www.dats.dk – a close partner in current activities.

Internationally, AKKS has since its foundation 1996 been in close co-operation with the Swedish sister organisation, AX – Amatörkulturens Samrådsgrupp – www.amatorkultur.nu, and has been involved in different Nordic projects. Further, AKKS was 2008 a founding member of AMATEO – The European Network for Active Participation in Cultural Activities – www.amateo.info.

The current President is Mr. Villy Dall – villydall@webspeed.dk – phone: + 45 21 77 81 82

The General Secretary is Ms. Susan Fazakerley – akks@akks.dk – phone: + 45 24 62 46 24

The Secretariat is located in the old Vartov building complex in the city of Copenhagen.

Postal Address: AKKS, Farvergade 27A, DK-1463 Copenhagen K, Denmark